One of Our Own. if you tryna reach me

I never thought I’d make another post because I am positive no one checks this website anymore. However, for any former SF members that do stumble back onto this website, I regret to inform everyone that Lincoln31543 has unfortunately passed away due to complications from open heart surgery. Lincoln has always struggled with heart, lung, and vision problems, becoming blind midway through his CP army career. We kept in touch via social media and unfortunately today I visited his page and saw his last tweet had been about having open heart surgery. A quick google search led me to his obituary. Lincoln was the beginning to my official CP army career. My first friend on xat, he introduced me to many of my early friends. I’ll never forget this man. Rest in Peace my friend, you can finally be at peace.

RIP Club Penguin

I’ll never not miss you guys. This is the first year I forgot to check the site on what would’ve been 8 years.

A little over 8 years ago, my cousin (whom you all know Number10pen) told me to make a Club Penguin account around Christmastime, 2008. This led to me creating “Guy 1237”, which I fortunately forgot the password to, which led me to “Danthemanr1”, the penguin you all love and adore today. I stumbled onto some rogue penguins from the Ninjas and from the ACP and played on CP with them for a few months. One day I googled ACP and the rest is history. I would go on to meet Danny9632 and Fliperboy7, and we would go on to make Mafia Penguins. Again, that shit thankfully screwed up and me and Flipsy would go on to make The Snow Fighters you all love and adore today. Y’all can fill in the blanks at this point. Some much has happened since January 21st, 2010, a day that changed my life. I never thought my hobby of a game about penguins would lead me to where I am today. I’ve learned things from this game that I have applied to real life, such as my ability to bullshit writing like I’m doing now in this post, my ability to lead a small group of people, and so much more. I’m just sitting in philosophy class right now not doing my work or listening to the lecture, but I thought about this community and how, from 2009-early 2013, it really made me happy. Y’all know some stuff even my best friends don’t know and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Anyone who’ve I’ve ever met in this community has led me to this point, and I just wanted to say Thanks. If you ever wanna contact me just hit me up on snapchat: Daedae1797 and we can figure it out from there. I still actively get emails of a new comment so I’ll still see whoever comments, but this is the last post I’ll make, as theres no need to keep up with this anymore. Enjoy your lives :D. (I will be updating the bios page to include every SF soldier whenever I’m bored so keep an eye out for your name).





Yooooooooooooooooooo club penguin is shutting down

Bored as fuck someone comment on this shit

Look at the Pics page ^-^

The fact that I made this as a naive 12 year old and met all you great people makes me so happy every day. To whoever reads this, I love all of you and hope you all have a great life <3. 

Also, if anyone wants to get in contact with me, you can hit me up on these thingies:

Steam: Daedae1997

Snapchat: Daedae1797

If you want my number just ask me personally through these things.



If we all didn’t have lives, we’d still be here SIX YEARS LATER. I swear the years are getting quicker ~Dan

When your bored and update the history of sf page


my ppl





P.S: It has come to my attention Dan is a man city fan


fuck you


Make That 5

Site will soon be private because there is no longer a need to keep it up. Doubt you will see this, but wanted to put this anyway.

Why do I still keep up with this, I dont know.

3 years old

*Update* Make that 4 now 😛

IF we were alive 😛


Invasion of Snowcap

Last event when we invaded snow shoe, i heard a few people say it was pointIess since we had no enemy. We are invading snowcap from the CP Generation Army. They had around 5 there last event and since this will be our second, i only expect 5+. Heres the info.

Invasion of Snowcap

Date: Friday March 30th

Times:  3:30PST;4:30EST;5:30CST;6:30EST;11:00UK

Be on chat 20 minutes early. Lets get a new server. Comment if you can make it!


Sky edit: Seems like we got a new server. Welcome, penguins of Snow Shoe.
Well, our sized today were good, but tactics were pretty bad. They would’ve been decent, but every time we did something, 2 people would always not do it. We had 1 tactic where everyone payed attention.

This was our usual chat size throughout the event.

We have about 8 on right here

6 of us do igloos, as you can see, 2 people didnt do it

After dissapointing tactics in town, everyone does a straight face.

Our best tactic of the invasion.

We Frenzy

We do igloos

We smile for an unknown reason.

We did okay now that i look over the pictures. I guess im  expecting too much. Comment if you made it and sorry for my behaivor earlier.